Friday, February 12, 2010

We are gay -- or maybe homosexual...

Just as a side note, there was a poll conducted many years ago by Macleans magazine, in which "Americans" and Canadians (who, by virtue of geography, are also "Americans", albeit "North Americans" - or, if you will, "Really North Americans") were asked to define each other in a single word. USAers were viewed as loud, pushy, and rude. Canadians? "Nice".


  1. Talking about more appropriate words, let's think about something. The Americas = North America + Central America + South America. Therefore "american" should not be a word used only for the people who are born in the USA. In this case I really think it is better (and so I use) the term "united statians".

  2. Sean, I do like your art and your take on this issue.

    I actually surfed through a few of these. Loved the one on Michelle Obama and the Queen.

    I will be black (I mean back...:)

  3. @ Rodrigo: That's why I like "USAers". It's so gosh darn friendly!

    @ Kev: Thanks!