Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blogger issues, again

It seems Blogger cant leave well enough alone, so any post before 23 March 2010 has to be redone if you want to read them. For some reason known only to the good people at Blogger, they've decided to change the way things are handled with images linked onto their Picasa photo server. And what that seems to be is a mystery. Still, it's causing some minor headaches. I'm going back and resetting the thumb sizes as large as possible because if you click on the image, all you'll get is a large black screen. This will work for the shorter images, but not the larger ones, so I may be moving some of the longer story lines to the Novels blogsite once the current storyline there is completed (assuming, of course that Blogger hasnt addressed the issue by then).

You can still see the older images if you right click and "show link in new tab". But just clicking it and seeing it? Dont work no more.

There are times when I hate technology.

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  1. Alternatively you could just shift over to Wordpress...