Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just an FYI

We're gonna be moving some things around, so for those 10 or 20 who actually, you know, read this thing, you'll be without for a short while. I'm gonna take the current storyline and move it to its own blogsite, so that I can work on it and tinker with it at my own pace. Regular cmics will resume here shortly.



  1. I was wondering where this stoyline was going!

  2. It actually *is* going somewhere, ma'am, but it's on a much larger canvas than I've used in the past.

  3. so where is it?? I have been to the novels page and only get to #8 of the Beach Trip. I missed the ones after and now can't find them. I am sad and distraught (pun intended) I want my Sean Martin fix on the holiday! I really do enjoy your postings when I can get to them (I usually wait until my days off and catch up then.)
    I will be patient, for a few more days anyway, since this is one of the few national holidays in the US that Canada also celebrates.

  4. They're going through some minor modifications, in both the art and the text, and I'm posting them as they're redone. I hope you'll enjoy them even more.

    And thanks for the great words. Those are much appreciated.