Thursday, March 3, 2011

We Interrupt This Storyline for an Important Announcement...

I know: you're used to seeing the boys in this chair. Well, not tonight. I've usurped it for myself because (1) it's a very comfortable chair and (2) I can.

So what's the announcement, you ask? Let me preface it by saying that this isnt an original idea but one I'm pilfering from another site because it's so damn much fun. Here goes:

How would you like to go out on a date with someone from the comic strip?

It can be anyone who has ever appeared, regardless of who they are or what their current relationship status might be. And when you look back over all the strips, that's quite a long list. Aside from our six principals, we've had government leaders, a few celebrities, even Jesus Himself on occasion. And they're all fair game.

But that's not the best part, oh no, not by a long shot. Because not only will you go on a date with whomever this might be, you will also find yourself in the comic, recreated in Doc and Raider style. Cool, huh?

So here's how it works. The contest begins now and will continue until the end of March. To enter, you send a photograph of yourself (a clear head shot is preferred) along with a brief (or, if you want, not so brief) statement about which character you would like most to date and why. Remember: the entire cast is up for grabs, so to speak. Let's hear your ideal evening with one of the boys... or one of the girls, for that matter. The winning entry will be chosen on the basis of how well you convince me you should be the one to go.

A few other rules: You can suggest something for the date, but no guarantees (heh heh heh). The date will run for a minimum of five episodes -- more, if I feel like it's going somewhere interesting. The publication of the date series wont be known until you actually see yourself in there, so dont ask me when it's gonna run. I have no idea: sometime this spring is a pretty safe guess.We'll find out together. By sending me your photo and entry, you give permission for me to use your name in the cartoon, but I promise not to do anything embarrassing... unless you ask me to, of course.

And that's it. Send your entry to Deadline for entries is 11:59PM Eastern US time on March 31. If this works out, I'm gonna make it an annual affair, so let's get it off to a good start.


  1. Just to clarify- is it just someone who has been illustrated here, or is the mere fact their name is mentioned sufficient?

  2. Let's make it someone who's actually been illustrated here.