Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kai's News! (27)

We're gonna leave this storyline for a while, I think. It's not over, of course: something like this never is. But we're gonna set it in the background for a bit and then come back to see how the boys are handling things.

In the interim, we're gonna change gears a bit. Check tomorrow (or even later today) to see what's next in store. It's time to seriously lighten the mood around here, eh?

And dont forget to submit your entry for the Win a Date contest. Send a clear headshot along with your choice of which character you'd like to spend a night on the town with and why to dnrfeedback@yahoo.com by March 31. If chosen, you'll see yourself recreated in Doc and Raider style in a future storyline and on a date that (hopefully) you'll never forget, :-) And just to give you an idea of who's a potential dinnermate for you, dont forget that in addition to our core six, we also have President Obama, some of his staff (Geithner and Hillary, for example), and some of the shining stars of the GOP, like Mike Steele and Mitch McConnell and even Caribou Barbie Palin. We have Aiko, the transsexual waiter, and New America (who's been MIA... for sadly obvious reasons). The president of France made an early appearance, if you remember, and we've seen Didi, Gordie, Trooper Al, and the still-nameless terribly rich snob that's shown up in a couple of the single panels (and we do have plans for him!). That's quite a roster to work with. So let's see what you would do.


  1. Yayyy! I hope it works out well. Love can add not subtract, multiply not divide, sometimes, healthfully.

  2. OH WOW! That's class! Now if it would only happened in real life.