Saturday, February 26, 2011

1,000th Celebration: SHOPPING!

Oh no! Doc's loose in a shopping mall!

Now that the car's working, they're off to the mall. But while Raider was locking the car, Doc headed in, and now Raider has to catch him before Doc makes the credit card's little head explode! Can he do it?

Get a pair of dice and give one to each player. Download and print the image above on a tabloid-sized sheet of paper (11x17 -- or tile-print it), and you'll have a map of the local mall. Both players start at the parking lot, but, credit card in hand, Doc gets two free turns at the start.

DOC'S OBJECTIVE: to hit at least two stores plus the anchor store. He must land inside each store in order to make a purchase: window shopping doesnt count. At each store, he gets one shopping bag but he loses a turn. Once he makes three purchases, he wins the game.

RAIDER'S OBJECTIVE: to catch up to Doc, get the credit card back, and return to the parking lot. To catch up, he must be on a square adjacent or block Doc from leaving a store by standing on the one square between the store and the mall. Once he's gotten the credit card, Doc loses a turn (and fumes), then must chase after Raider. If Raider gets back to the parking lot with credit card still in hand, he wins the game.

Click the image above for the shopping bags, credit card, and game tokens.

A few other rules: A "move" is to any adjacent square, in any direction. Multiple directions within a single move are allowed. Players are not required to use the full number of steps given on the throw. The Food Court has "express lanes" that will allow either player to slide over from one side to another without stopping.

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