Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yes, we're cleaning up the dust and putting out the stuff -- the DOC AND RAIDER REALLY CLASSY BOUTIQUE is now open!

What's there, you ask? Nothing less than the most FABULOUS t-shirts, mousepads, gym bags, and sweatshirts on the planet, all featuring images of your two favourite (well, okay, hopefully they're your favourite) guys in gay comicdom. Want to strike a personal note? There's a few specialty designs for my Canadian buds, or those into sports that are close up and personal... and the infamous Julliard Wrestling tee!

Detailed images of all products are available, and you'll also get a gander at our models Paolo, Sven, and Frederick... ::sigh::

We're still getting settled in, so if there's something you're looking for that you cant find, you let me know, okay? And FOR TODAY ONLY (at least, if I understand all this properly), all t-shirts are five bucks off the retail price! But that's today only, until midnight. (If for some reason that doesnt show up, by all means, let me know so I can fix it; as I said, I'm still figuring out CafePress's set-up.)

So drop by and say hello -- we're at this click right here.

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