Saturday, October 23, 2010

Single Panels 27!


  1. You kidding, Sean? This is one of your best-ever stories, and you're aborting it?

  2. After 27 episodes, it's hardly aborting it. :-) There are still more stories to come out of this sequence, but they'll come in their time. Hang in there.

    But thanks for the kind words about it, Roger. Those are much appreciated.

  3. If you're curious, I made a slight alteration to one of the panels in this last single-panel combos, the one in the upper left. Nice thing about CG work is that it allows this kind of alteration pretty easily, and the result, I think anyway, is tighter and cleaner... and, well, funnier. And I think I may have a new character to play with: one who's upper-class and quite aware of it, thank you. I'll have to play with him a bit and see where it goes.