Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Odialesque and the Sultan's Guard

Some of the specialty clothing used in the strip (like just about everything Gilles wore at Christmas) comes from things designed for other character meshes and then modified to fit my guys, using a wonderful little program called Wardrobe Wizard. Thanks to it, I have literally gigs of stuff to work with, everything from ancient attire to space suits to... uhm... more exotic items of clothing, like these. "What keeps Doc's pants up?" you wonder. Structural engineering, I think.

This sketch, a small fantasia on Arabian Nights themes. is a pretty decent demonstration: clothing originally designed for characer meshes called Michael and Hiro is transformed to fit DnR, thus providing... well, just all sorts of fun times. :-)

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  1. While those costumes ARE pretty awesome and apparently structurally sound, I especially like the use of light in this panel.