Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elliot 5

We didnt say anything. Ellie obviously didnt want to talk about it, and we honoured that request. Since it was a Tuesday, we drank our Iced Columbian and kept our months shut.

But as the days passed, Elliot became more and more withdrawn. Bored with his toy, Frank had dumped him pretty hard, leaving an inexplicable text message: "it was fun. kthnx." Phone calls went unanswered. Messages were ignored. It was like, at midgame, Frank picked up the ball and just left the stadium. It was going to be a while before Ellie got over this one. All we could do was watch him ride it out.

Meanwhile, Gordie'd discovered chat sites, and there was someone he'd been talking to online for a few weeks, "Bianchifan". Pretty nice looking guy. An antique book collector. Seemed a little hesitant to talk too much about himself, but finally opened up that morning with a rather surprising email. He'd just gotten out of a big mistake of a relationship but was open to try again. A dinner invitation and directions to his condo... overlooking the lake.

If Gordie had no plans for Thursday, maybe they could go to... the opera.

And if things really worked out, this antique book collector sometimes took weekend trips to... San Francisco.

Interesting, this online-chat-responder named...

... Frank.

Gordie's response was a terse "It was fun. Kthnx.".

By the time fall set in, Ellie was pretty much back to his old self, punctual as always and finally conceding to the autumn chill by putting on a t-shirt. Nothing more was ever said about Frank. Elliot continued to amass new "friends". To our surprise, after a few consultations with Ellie about clothes and proper bicep curl technique, so did Gordie. I like to think that Frank would have been humbled by how thoroughly Ellie rebounded, but then as Doc pointed out: "Men. Meh. I've had one or two. That's enough." Sometimes too wise for his own good, that husband of mine.

But then, it always comes back to the four of us, our coffee, our love of a sport that's eleven guys — a team — who just get together and play as one because that's what they do best. And that's much like us: four friends who meet every morning at seven-thirty, perfectly happy to just be together, even though we may play in different stadiums.

By November, we were the only ones determined and foolhardy enough to sit outside. And one Monday morning, with the first snow of the season drifting up the Steps, we finally decided it was time to go inside with everyone else. Besides, I could smell a fresh pot of French Roast, and this being a Monday.....


So there we are, a bit of Elliot's past. And after this, of course, Elliot met Gilles, and, despite the occasional hiccup, things seem to be working out pretty well there. But what happened to Gordie? Ah, Reader, that would be telling...

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