Sunday, June 13, 2010


I couldnt let my little 300 characters get such minimal use, so, with no further ado...


  1. Next time you're in Toronto, you could always check out one of our "Pickle Barrel" outlets. Once, as per requests, I took a box of their "Party Sandwiches" to a funeral ... even the "church ladies" were asking where I got them! (Link here: ... remember "pinwheel" sandwiches?) (from Jim T.)

  2. Oh lord, I remember those. LOL

    Ah, but Jim, you have not lived until you have experienced the wonder that is the Cracker Barrel. It is so very, very many things at once, all of it wrapped in three layers of red, white, and blue, and no t-shirt is less than an XL.

  3. Cracker Barrel, eh? Remember, Sean, that I came to Canada only in 1955, and my immediate post-natal years were spent in war-time Britain. [That would be the big one — World War II — for you young scallywags!] At that time, and for some time after, food-rationing dictated such gems as one egg, per person, per week; tuppence worth of meat per person, per week — about 2 slices of canned corned beef, if available — one orange at Xmas, but only if there was a child in the family. So, when I do visit the States, I make a bee-line for such places just so I can pig out on the things we can't get even in Canada. Biscuits 'n' gravy, or country/chicken fried steak, just to mention a couple of items.

    Tell ya' what... take me to one of those places some time and I'll return the favour with a visit to Dangerous Dan's on your next visit to Toronto! (Link is here...
    ... now *there's* a menu that demands close perusal. Deep-fried Mars bars... mm-mm-mm!!!)

    [from Jim T., who can't figure out how to *not* post comments as "Anonymous"!)

  4. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to agree with Ray on this one.

  5. You just hate it because you've never gotten the table game down to one peg. (I'm married to a man who loves the place, God help me.)