Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catania Pride!

Catania, Italy, is celebrating Pride... along with the rest of the known world. But their pride logo was so intruiging — an elephant? what could that mean? — that I had to check it out. And in the process, a fun little wallpaper was born.

You know the drill: click on the image.


  1. I immediately thought of Bernini's sculpture of the elephant with an obelisk on its back, but that is in Rome -- but there is a similar (and considerably more ancient) one in the Piazza Duomo of Catania in Sicily, and that one has long been Catania's emblem -- local tradition says that it protects the city from evil. The city was under Saracen rule during the 10th-11th century, when it was known as Media-al-Fil, 'the City of the Elephant.

    No connection with any American political party!

  2. OK, so spill: why is Catania Pride's logo an elephant?

  3. Roger gets the gold star on his report!