Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looking Backward...

... while looking forward. After figuring out what the much younger Doc and Raid looked like (see "Romance Romance"), I realized this was an opportunity to start playing with the early days of their relationship: those giddy, irresponsible moments when everything seems possible, even as you're not quite sure where you're going with that person standing just as anxiously next to you.

So they'll be showing up on occasion... but not merely as quaint memories of long-lost youth. Just as the current couple reflect on the present day, these two will show us how we got there. It also allows me to fill in a bit of backstory on how a oh-so-urban Montréaler got hooked up with a farmboy from Saskatchewan in the first place... not to mention how they wound up in the US. This should be fun.

A cartoon later today, then a new storyline -- not based on these two, but something much more immediate -- to start tomorrow.

Click the image if you'd like a reminder of Things To Come.

UPDATE: Okay, there was supposed to be another cartoon. But that couch was sooooo comfortable..... LOL

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