Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello, Bilerico Readers!

I'm very pleased to announce that DOC AND RAIDER is now part of the Bilerico Project (You'll find a link in the right hand column). For those not familiar with it, Bilerico is best described as the Huffington Post for the GLBT community, and I earnestly recommend you add it to your bookmarks. You'll find the commentary to be some of the best around.

So, since the regulars at Bilerico might not be familiar with the cast here, I've prepared a small guide. Click on the image below, and you'll be taken to a downloadable 1280x800 wallpaper that you can use as a handy reference sheet. There are some backstories here, but three in particular that will be referred to from time to time:

(1) Elliot and Gilles — Elliot is a man who spent most of his time looking for love in all the wrong places... until he was introduced to Gilles, Doc's twin brother from Québec City. Separated by not only a geographic border but a linguistic one as well, they're muddling through as best they can.

(2) Mik and Kai — Kai is in a National Guard unit that's been called up to Afghanistan. Their first day out, they were attacked by a mortar round and rockets, and for several hours, Mik didnt know if Kai was even alive or not. He is, mercifully, and will be coming home in the near future for a short leave.

(3) Doc and Raider themselves — Doc (whose real name is François) and Raider came to the States some years ago and now often wonder if it's not time to go home. They've been together for over a decade and have weathered gay bashing, coming out to the family, and infidelity, not to mention the eternal struggle of who gets control of the remote.

There are others as well. Obama is a regular character, portrayed by a walking light bulb just full of new ideas, as is New America: sweet, winsome, with a serious crush on Rachel Maddow... and the ability to turn on you in a second and a half. Jesus drops in from time to time, mostly to get away from all those who claim to be speaking in His name. Aiko, a waiter at the local bistro, is someone not to be crossed if you want your meal delivered... at all. And on occasion, you'll see visits from Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and a few others. We're very equal-opportunity here with the pot shots (which are more like nerf balls than lead pellets).

But the bottom line is, more often that not, we're here to have fun. Enjoy it -- and welcome!


  1. Woohoo! Welcome to Bilerico! I'm thrilled that your great comic will be getting more press. It deserves it.

  2. Glad to see 'the boys' back where they belong...

  3. This is wonderful! Pour it on!