Monday, November 23, 2009

Let me slap on the sleeve garters...

... because the Doc and Raider Really Classy Boutique is open for business.

The shelves are a little empty for the moment: a couple of tshirts, a sweatshirt, some Christmas cards, and a way-better-than-plastic tote bag, but you watch, we gonna get really classy as time goes on. I'm also looking into a publisher for the first year's collection, so stick around for news on that.

Now, those of you who remember the financial arrangement for the original cartoon will be happy to know that the spirit lives on here as well. For those who dont, here's how it goes: I dont take a profit from this. Instead, it's going to go to a favoured charity, and around Christmas we're gonna have a little poll to see where the money should go. In the interim, send me your suggestions, and I'll start checking them out. Remember that originally, Doc and Raider supported everything from AIDS hospices to arts festivals, so any- and everything is fair game.

Looking forward to hearing what you have in mind. Send those recommendations to, comment here, or leave a note on my Facebook page.

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